Feral Youth @ Thimble and Youth Faire

Post 242

Outfit: -{FY}-Payful Polo *Denim Collection*( Thimble)

-{Feral Youth}-Totally 80’s Collection ( BebeYouth Faire )

The BebeYouth Faire starts September 1st!

For this round FY has a Totally 80’s collection that includes:

Shortall Sets – Ad not complete, but try them all on and choose your fave!

YOUTH only

These come in a 3 pack with one pair of shortalls, 1 printed Tshirt and one plain.

**NOTE** these shortalls can be used with the polo shirts from the last 2 collections for even more options!

You have been sent all sets available.

RollerSkate gacha

Resize-able for any avatar!

This Gacha includes rollerskates and helmets

Each skate comes with an animated simple skate or a non-animated skate to be worn with any skate AO. I highly recommend the VISTA on it’s awesome!

**NOTE** You have been sent a sampling of the non-animated rollerskates (rares & those that best match the shortall sets)

SkateSafety gacha

This Gacha includes elbow and kneepads that match the skates gacha and the shortall sets. These, like the shortalls are rigged and YOUTH ONLY.

**NOTE** You have been sent a sampling of elbow & kneepads

(the rare & those that best match the shortall sets)


Credits: Feral Youth

Event: ★ThimbleBebe Youth Faire

Pose: Samis World

Model: Samirajolin Resident

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